Nordkapp Noblesse 720


Nordkapp Noblesse 720
Nordkapp Noblesse 720
Nordkapp Noblesse 720 (I dio)
Nordkapp Noblesse 720 (II dio)

Nordkapp Noblesse 720 (III dio)
Nordkapp Noblesse 720 (IV dio)
Nordkapp Noblesse 720 (V dio)

Technical Data

Length Over All: 7,10 m
Total Width: 2,57 m
Weight: 1480 kg
Maximum Number of Passengers: 7
Engine Shaft: XL


Maximum Allowed Engine: 250 KS
Recommended Engine: 225 KS


Standard Equipment

Additional Equipment

191 €
961 €
657 €
1194 €
457 €
855 €
277 €
802 €
1213 €
555 €
316 €
1516 €
3066 €
511 €
430 €
122 €
194 €
1834 €

Boat Description

Nordkapp Noblesse 720 is day cruiser with many practical solutions and rich standard equipment.

The model 720 cockpit features an innovation called the "self draining cockpit". It is a cockpit lowered below the waterline to give a lower center of gravity for the vessel itself, which further enhances the maritime characteristics and stability at sea, and thus gives the cockpit the impression of a larger and taller vessel.

How does self-discharge work? All the water that goes into the cockpit goes into a special tank that further pumps that same water out. If the pump by any means stops, the drainage holes are there, above sea level, ready to let water out of the vessel. The so-called "False side"

The Nordkapp 720 is 2.58m in the upper breadth of the boat, which gives it a large cockpit space, but it remains at 2.5m wide on the waterline, which gives it exceptional navigational characteristics and absorbs shocks when navigating in rough sea conditions.


Standard Model Price: 44.290,00 €

Transport Not Included In Price
VAT is not included into the listed prices.
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